COVID-19 Global health Emergency - Analytic Analysis

Use the application below to view the global evolution of the virus, a dashboard that illustrates “flattening the curve” and a US specific view that can be drilled down to the county level.

Application Instructions
Interact by clicking on the charts to make selections throughout the application.  Selections are maintained on each page.

Source Covid-19 Case Data Provided By: *JHU Github Repository
Are cases flattening? Navigate each tab below to analyze cases across the globe.
Hint:  Use the Filters or Selections menus to modify or clear any chart selections.

With the announcement of a Global Health Emergency related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many of us find ourselves and the organizations we work for trying to remain safe, educated, and prepared. In light of the recent events; our data-management and data visualization teams took the best data available from the CDC and WHO, and built a dashboard with the associative power of Qlik Sense to analyze the current outbreak of COVID-19 cases globally. In this dashboard you will find an animated Data in the dashboard are documented and updated daily.

At Waypoint, our specific skill set pertains to helping organizations use data and analytics.  Responding to and preparing for this Coronavirus outbreak is a prime example of a time that data and analytics can really make a difference for any organization. If you have questions about this dashboard or other solutions that may be helpful during this time please reach out to Brendan McGuire or Contact Us

We hope that this tool is helpful for you and that you remain safe and healthy.