Do you need a trusted partner to assist you throughout your data and analytic journey?

At Acuity Analytics, we are a consulting firm that partners with clients to create custom strategies and solutions. Our solutions help healthcare clients capture and integrate, structure and govern, and visualize and analyze their data.
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Do you need analytics but are not sure where to start?

Acuity Analytics Quick Start Applications allow organizations to maximize speed to value and data to action, improving Operational, Financial, Quality, and Clinical performance across health systems. These are client proven solutions from a KLAS leading organization implemented in as little as 4 weeks. Solutions can be deployed and managed as software as a service (SaaS) or on-premise.

Accounts Receivable

Minimize time wasted manually manipulating reports to track money and instead focus on more strategic analysis to help improve financial well-being within your organization.

Physician Financial
Get actionable information in the hands of the right stakeholders at the right point in time. Enable physicians to take ownership of their key financial metrics to improve organizational performance as well as individual incentives.
Emergency Department
Become more proactive versus reactive in regards to process improvement, staffing, and workflow.
Hospital KPIs
Get daily visibility into your financial and operational drivers to make more informed decisions. Make data based decisions as opposed to only relying on your gut instincts.
Triple Aim
See Quality of Care, Patient Experience, and Financial metrics presented on an automated, highly intuitive, and interactive dashboard application. This application provides both the summary and detailed information needed to rapidly get from data to insight to action.
Provider Operations
Get the most out of your primary care physician practices by maximizing the flow of patients into your health system.
Revenue Cycle
Identify problem areas quickly to optimize financial performance.
Patient Tracker
Powerful workflows and visualizations to help take action on specific patient populations of interest.
Operation Room Optimization
Reduce waste and improve overall efficiency within your surgical services department.
Clinical Staffing
An intuitive solution that allows you to significantly improve ROI, clinical outcomes, and patient experience.

Are you looking to build a custom solution and in need of a partner?

Acuity Analytics has a proprietary planning process that allows us to take our clients vision and make it a reality. Below are examples of custom solutions we have built to support our clients.


  • Hospital KPIs
  • Triple Aim
  • Value Based Purchasing
  • CEO Dashboard
  • Analytic and Data Strategic Roadmap


  • Clinical Pathway Dashboard
  • Procedure Analysis (OR Efficiency)
  • Hospitalist Report
  • Pathology App
  • Physician Ops Dashboard
  • Length of Stay Dashboard
  • OB Dashboard (Obstetrics)
  • Episiotomy Monthly Report


  • Operating Room Optimization
  • ED Turnover and Volume embedded within Epic Hyperspace
  • Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Opioid Dashboard
  • Population Health and Care Management
  • Clinical Pathway Dashboard
  • Procedure Analysis
  • Hospitalist Report
  • Pathology App
  • Severe Maternal Morbidity Dashboard
  • Maternity and Obstetrics Dashboard
  • NICU/PICU/MICU Dashboards
  • Patient registries
  • Epic and Cerner Reporting


  • Clinical Staffing
  • Provider operations (Physician Referrals)
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing and Strategy (Geospatial mapping analysis)
  • Census and Bed Turnover
  • Patient Discharge Analysis
  • Essential Services (non-clinical)
  • Hospital Resource Variances
  • RRT Dashboard (Rapid Response Time)
  • College of Medicine – Educational Value Units and Faculty Evaluation
  • Information Technology Management Scorecard
  • All Center Scorecard (Care Management and IT)


  • Nurse Staffing
  • Turnover and Retention
  • Readmission
  • Supply Chain
  • Fraud Detection


  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Physician Financial KPIs
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Charge Analysis
  • Pay for Performance Dashboard
  • ACO Claims
  • Budgeting and Planning